Dining Tips

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I wouldn't try this technique at home. I don't think your parents would approve. This would definiately fall in the catagory of "playing with your food", which ever parent hopes their kid will never do, especially in public. But there are a group of dolphin here in Georgia and South Carolina who just never got the message.

It seems that they just love to play with their food. In fact, they take their tails and throw their food out of the water and onto the shore. Then they swim up onto the muddy banks of the shore to snack on the fish as they flop helplessly around.

Biologists have given their little game a name - it goes by "strand fishing" or "mudding". Outside of these two southeastern states and Australia, the practice has not been observed any where else. It must be a "Southern thang".

(By the way, the hand in this picture did not feed the dolphin, but it illustrates how fearless dolphin become when fed by other humans. This would be great, if this dolphin was our pet. But feeding dolphin - or any other wild animal - is never a good idea. What do you think the long-term effect might be?)

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