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Don't be confused by the term dolphin. There are mammal-dolphin and fish-dolphin. The fish dolphin are also called mahi mahi or dorado. They are a beautifully colored fish that are a prized catch for fishermen. These fish are edible and are often served in fine seafood restaurants. Dolphin, the mammals, are not. So don't worry next time you go to a restaurant that serves dolphin - you won't be eating "Flipper", you will be eating a very delicious fish.

But that doesn't mean that dolphin never get caught by fishermen - they do. Not by hook and line - they seem to be too smart to fall for our bait. But they do get caught in large fishing nets. That's why fishermen around the world have changed the construction of their nets to allow sea turtles and dolphin to escape, unharmed, through a trap door in the net. When everyone works together to create solutions to problems like this, the world is a must better place, don't you agree?

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